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List of FIFA World Cup 2018 Stadiums & Images

FIFA World Cup is more than just an event; the passion, emotions running high, and tension looming around from the first group match till the Finals are amazing. The 2018 edition will be hosted in Russia and there will be no shortage of drama, jittery fans, and colossal results. The dynamic crowd of Russia will also add to the magnitude of this event. Here, let us look at the designated stadiums and what they have in store for all.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Stadium list

The list is given as follows:
  • Luzhniki Stadium
  • Spartak Stadium
  • Saint Petersburg Stadium
  • Kaliningrad Stadium
  • Kazan Arena
  • Nizhny Novgorod Stadium
  • Cosmos Arena
  • Volgograd Arena
  • Mordovia Arena
  • Rostov Arena
  • Fisht Stadium
  • Central Stadium
Let us now delve deeper and find out how well the aforementioned stadiums are going to fare. 

Luzhniki Stadium

Right at the heart of Moscow, Russia's biggest stadium in terms of crowd capacity and one of oldest stadiums with an abundance of history related to it. The stadium can hold up to 81000 buzzing spectators this World Cup. It is currently under construction. 

Spartak Stadium

The home stadium of Spartak Moscow can intimidate any opponent due to its hostile atmosphere. It can host 43,300 spectators and has hosted a number of significant matches in the past. The stadium is decked up in red and white and the architectural prowess is immaculate. 

Saint Petersburg Stadium

An architect's eye candy, the newly built Saint Petersburg Stadium dons the road of Saint Petersburg and can approximately accommodate 68134 spectators. With technology dripping down from every inch of the stadium, this is perhaps Russia's most advanced stadium ever. 

Kaliningrad Stadium

Hosting a paltry 35212 fans, the Kaliningrad stadium is still under construction and one of the few newly built stadiums. The construction is said to bear resemblance to the Allianz Arena and the security concerns will be ramp up manifolds with other technological advancements. This is the first stadium ever to be built in the city of Kaliningrad

Kazan Arena

The city of Kazan has a natural feel added to it, and the Kazan Arena is no different. An open roof stadium built on simple architecture, this stadium might not boast of technological advancements but with a capacity around 44700, it is one of the loudest stadiums in Russia. 

Nizhny Novgorod Stadium

Situated right on the bank of the confluence of Oka and Volga rivers, Nizhny Novgorod is another delightful stadium with an oval shaped exterior where 45331 spectators can sit and watch the matches. The stadium is relatively new and the only stadium in the city of Nizhny Novgorod

Cosmos Arena

Samara's Cosmos Arena is still under construction and the city's harsh climate will play a big factor in this edition. However, proper measures from FIFA will allow the matches to be played in ideal conditions. Despite all that, the stadium has an ultra modern look to it and will be able to host 44807 fans.

Volgograd Arena

The people of Volgograd are waiting anxiously for this inverted cone shaped stadium to be built which is an absolute masterclass in terms of design. The height of the stadium is intimidating and the spokes of cycle like design will add to its beauty. It is said to make room for 45000 odd spectators. 

Mordovia Arena

Saransk's pride, Mordovia Arena is a scenic beauty built adjacent to the Insar River. This will be home to various competitions including football but the focus will be on FIFA 2018 edition right now. The capacity is said to be 44400, but after the completion of the event, the number might decline a tad. 

Rostov Arena

FC Rostov's new home ground is another stadium located adjacent to a water body. The preview of this newly built stadium is out, and it looks astonishing. Rostov-on-Don people will have plenty to cheer about with a total capacity of 45140

Fisht Stadium

Fisht was originally built to host the winter and para Olympics, will now host the World Cup as well. Sochi's new stadium is new and is built on a bizarre yet sensible structural pattern where 47700 people can sit and watch the game. 

Central Stadium

The city of Yekaterinburg has a rich and flourished history added to it, and the Central Stadium has been there since eternity it seems. Now, upgraded and polished with advancement brush, the stadium still holds onto its royal look. The remodeling has cut down the total capacity to a mere 35690 but will look to make the most out of it. 


The stadiums are almost ready to rock and roll. It will be intriguing to see how well Russia stands up to the task. Fans from all over the World will be flocking soon to the country to adapt in the harsh conditions.  
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